Nile Green- $750

if you buy them both you can have them for 1,000 even.. shiping YOU have to cover i get the ammount... you do not need to pay me all right away... i think best to send you the phones inspect them and the like.. make sure your happy.. thendepsoit 200$ in paypal.. and each month $100depsoit till paid off.. im flexable

Collectors Haven



Bro, here are the two the red comes without ringer... which made me think that’s the way well ship the phones so we save on shipping.... I can carry the originals over or I’m sure you an find replacement as they never dated things.


THE RED major issue Is the crack tin the back. then there are see photos. the bands are loose but not so loose to fall off or need plumber tape. however they screw on not so correct I’m scared to do anything with it… its got a uniform rich red throughout. slight Knicks here and there… over all a nice phone



The Nile. Green… is discolored and will need (if your prefer) Novus cleaning it seems I may have attempted years ago but gave. Up. There areflea Knicks in and around the back.. it appears if the sun or whatever hit part of it a the back it darker or dirtier.. then the front… could not capture it in the photos